Educational Programs in Sports Clubs

Value Sports cooperates with sports associations to instill educational values ​​in their regular activities. The Value Sports team uses a specially developed evaluation tool to assess a club’s principles of conduct. The tool provides an accurate picture of the educational reality of the club and how it affects target audiences: management, parents, coaches and children. Value Sports then helps the association build an educational work plan and set appropriate annual goals.

Each club receives these services as part of the work plan:

  • Mentoring and Coach as an Educator workshops for coaches. The coach acquires practical tools for educational training and becomes a significant figure for the development of the children at the club, both on and off the field.
  • Development of learning centers at the sports club to help young athletes at risk of dropping out of school succeed in both school and athletics.
  • Value Sports staff work with management, coaches and parents to compose a club ethical code to define the priorities and code of behavior for players, coaches and parents.
  • Workshops and life skills kit for athletes: Value Sports runs experiential workshops using drills on the field to improve teamwork, trust, self-fulfillment, determination and perseverance, tolerance, acceptance of others and leadership.
  • Leadership programs for team captains and other leaders.
  • Parent workshops and guidance on positive involvement in the athletic pursuits of their children.

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