Value Sports

More than just a game!

We use innovative models, training and workshops to equip sports organizations with the life skills, education and values to get coaches, children and their parents involved as one.

We aim for sports clubs to provide informal education based
on the values of respect, tolerance, acceptance of others and

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Programming Impact

Through our extensive experience, we have identified the three influences in the coach-parent-child relationship. The models we develop all touch on each one aspect of this relationship. We provide training for managers, coaches, parent workshops, and mentoring for youth leadership groups, as well as educational work plans and capacity for sports organizations.


Coaches’ Impact

We see coaches as important change makers. To promote education in sports, we train coaches and provide practical tools for educational work with children, such as the role of the coach as an educator, how to foster teamwork, conducting personal conversations, providing constructive communication and addressing frustration.



About Value Sports

We believe that sports have the power to promote social and educational values such as leadership, discipline, competence, and tolerance. We partner with the President’s Office, the Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Ministry of Education, local authorities, the Israel Association of Community Centers (Matnasim), sports organizations and philanthropic bodies.

Our impact 2019-20

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