Lev Maccabi (Maccabi heart) – Leadership in Sports

Need: Most Israeli youth are actively in involved in sports clubs. Sports programs often focus on winning at the expense of life skills such as teamwork, self-fulfillment, determination and perseverance, tolerance, and leadership.  As a result, sports have become a fertile ground for violence and racism.

Concept: Maccabi Israel is the umbrella organization for hundreds of sports clubs and has an active youth movement, Young Maccabi (Maccabi Hatza’ir), which has been operating for decades.  Lev Maccabi, a collaboration between Young Maccabi and Value Sports, develops value-based activities for the clubs with an emphasis on education, eradicating violence and racism, and developing life skills. Value Sports provides special training and workshops for Maccabi coaches, as well as for Young Maccabi counselors who runs weekly activities in the different sports clubs throughout Israel. The program’s youth counselors are the main agents for change.


  • Develop community youth leaders through Maccabi sports teams.
  • Coaches and counselors become educators on and off the field.
  • Children and adolescents acquire life skills and meaningful opportunities for community involvement.
  • Parents contribute positively to their children’s athletic activities.
  • Bolster value-based and athletic activities in Israel’s geographic and social periphery.
  • Strengthen the connection between Maccabi Israel and Young Maccabi.


In the program’s pilot year (2016-17), 18 counselors led 116 children from different soccer, basketball, handball and volleyball teams participating in the program.

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