Ofek Leadership for Girls in Sports

The goal of the Value Sports Ofek Leadership Program is to mentor girls in sports clubs to recognize and develop their personal and social skills to become leaders and role models on and off the field.

The leadership cohort chooses a project through which they can teach the younger girls in the club the values they have learned and acquired. These girls inspire and support the younger girls, who look up to them and aspire to be like them. Having female leaders in the sports club, who understand the needs and challenges of other girls and women, helps create a safe and supportive environment for female athletes of all ages. Through workshops and professional guidance, the program will help sports clubs retain their female athletes and give the girls the confidence they need to persevere in the sports as coaches, managers and leaders. In addition to working with young female athletes, Value Sports’ team will also mentor coaches and parents in the process, providing them with practical educational tools and on-field support.


Why do Girls Need Sporting Role Models?

Female SRMs (Sporting Role Models) explicitly and implicitly teach leadership skills and constantly improve their own competence by doing so. Team sports may especially improve leadership skills; being a referee, captain, or coach can require skills that may be transferred into ‘real life’. Being considered a leader and a sporting role model does likely entail personal responsibility and individual development (Meier, 2015).

Girls and women who have strong female role models may be encouraged to stay positive and to protect and take better care of themselves. These female role models often represent the possibility of a happier and healthier life despite hardships. (Women Win 2008, 17) Inspiration and encouragement gained through SRMs are hard to measure and usually transcend the sport world.


Main Objectives:

  • Develop women’s leadership and social networks in and outside of sports.
  • Retain girls in sports by creating professional, social and personal connections.
  • Improve the body image and self-confidence of young female athletes.
  • Support the team’s camaraderie and teamwork to create a welcoming and safe atmosphere for the girls on the team.
  • Transform the club into a social framework that encourages adolescents, parents and girls to get involved in their communities.
  • Give coaches, both women and men, practical tools to improve communication with female athletes and to know how to cope with their personal and social challenges.


  • 8 Leadership development workshops for the leadership group of adolescent girls
  • Ofek leaders will prepare and implement a group project within the club or community
  • Coach as an Educator Workshops and on-field mentoring
  • Constructive parental involvement workshops.

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