Shield of Honor- Israeli hope in sport

Soccer is a mirror for Israeli society. In soccer, we see the best and the worst of ourselves. The sport is one of the few places where we can agree on the rules of the game, where we are all equal and where each one of us contributes to the team.

“The Honor Award program was created from a sense of shared and all-encompassing responsibility, from the understanding that accountable institutions must implement binding ethical standards in sports clubs; out of the knowledge that coaches and players must understand that they are not only professionals but also leaders and educators; from the belief that responsibility lies with all fans, not only the restrained ones sitting on the stadium’s western bleachers. The Honor Award was born out of the basic understanding that our struggle to engender respect on the playing field is our struggle to show respect to each other.” (President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, March 2015)


The Honor Award program, launched by President Rivlin in March 2015, helps Premier League soccer clubs and their fans expand their educational and community work and to eradicate violence and racism through performance-based activities. Starting in the 2016-2017 season, the Honor Award’s Next Generation focuses on instituting educational and social change in the children and Under-21 divisions throughout the country. Over 30 clubs, encompassing all of Israel’s diversity, have joined the Next Generation program: Jews, Muslims, Christians and Bedouins; clubs from the north, center and south; and urban centers as well as Israel’s economic and geographical peripheries. The Next Generation brings young athletes from different backgrounds together and is helping them to build a more respectful, tolerant, and cohesive society.

Professional Guidance

Each club applying to the program is eligible for professional guidance by an educational mentor selected by Value Sports and the Honor Award. The mentor assists with the club’s application, builds its annual work plan and formulates the professional tools and workshops the clubs needs to achieve its goals.

Throughout the season, workshops are held on the clubs’ social activities and on addressing violence and racism in the Israel Premier Football Association. Professional instructors run these workshops for club representatives and owners. Individual meetings also held with the club representatives responsible for promoting the club’s activities, and field visits are conducted to assess the club’s activities.

Scope of Action

A team of professionals formulates the scope of action for each track, which offers a comprehensive and broad assessment of the effort each club must make to promote social action and eradicate violence and racism: work plans, and the involvement of the coaches, the club’s primary team and Under 21 team, the families and the community.

Our Partners

The Honor Award is a program developed and run in partnership with the Ministry of Sport, the Israel Premier Football Association, the Toto Israeli Lottery, the Israeli Football Association, and Value Sports.

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