Vision and Goals

Value Sports – More than Just a Game

In Israel, hundreds of thousands of children and teenagers play sports in an organized framework. Nonetheless, most of these children do not achieve their academic or social potential in their athletic activities. The emphasis on winning, which often comes at the expense of other values, has turned extracurricular sports into a breeding ground for violence, racism, intolerance and feelings of frustration and exclusion. Girls face the additional challenges related to their body image, their self-perception as female athletes, and their confidence and belief in their athletic abilities.

Our Vision: To transform sports programs into informal educational programs that will become the largest youth movement in Israel. Value Sports believes in the power of sports to promote educational and social values to positively influence society as a whole: tolerance, mutual respect, acceptance of others, self-efficacy, discipline, perseverance and leadership. The organization provides a broad spectrum of support to create change in sports and the experiences of young athletes. Value Sports works in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Ministry of Education, the President’s Office, the Israeli Association of Community Centers (“Matnasim”), local municipal authorities, a variety of sports associations, and voluntary organizations.

Our Core Model


Our Audience:

Value Sports operates programs to integrate educational values and life skills within our target audiences, each of whom is an integral part of the child’s athletic experience:

Professional sports managers: Create high educational standards for sports clubs and develop educational programs.

Coaches and counsellors: Coaches become educators on and off the playing field.

Athletes: Equip young athletes with life skills to compete respectfully and become leaders.

Parents: Parents become constructively involved and contribute to their children’s’ sporting programs.

Volunteers: Develop community volunteers in sports and get influential star athletes involved.

Our Method

  • Create an annual educational plan for each sport association and club.
  • Periodic training for team heads and professional managers.
  • Periodic training for coaches for working with children: the figure of the coach, promoting teamwork, self-fulfillment, coping with frustration, personal conversations, constructive communication.
  • Training and guidance for leadership groups: Each leadership group holds value-based educational activities for the younger children and group members serve as positive role models.
  • Parents: Parent workshops throughout the year to promote positive engagement and constructive communication between the coach, athlete and parent.
  • Evaluate and measure the impact of each sports program.

Our Measurable Impact:

  • Increased number of coaches see themselves as educators.
  • Children feel a greater sense of self-efficacy.
  • Athletes are less likely to drop out of school.
  • Girls and young women have a positive view of themselves and a more positive body image.
  • Lower rate of violence on the playing field.
  • Improved communication between coaches and parents.
  • Children feel an increased sense of personal security on teams participating in the program.
  • Teams carry out volunteer work in their communities.
  • Increased rate of parental satisfaction regarding the association’s programs.
  • Positive parental involvement in team activities.
  • Professional managers take on leadership roles in the education of athletes.

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